Things I Can’t Live Without - Business Edition

Things I Can’t Live Without - Business Edition

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As a small business owner there are a lot of things that I need to keep my business up and running. Some things are essential to the running of my business, while others are not essential, but certainly make things easier. Everything on this list is a physical product. If you would like to know what subscriptions I consider essential you can check out this blog post.

So, without further ado, here's my list:

Number One: A Laptop or Desktop Computer:

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Probably a bit of a no brainer, considering my business is online. I also prefer using a mouse with my laptop rather than the tracker pad when sitting at my desk. I use a Chromebook, and it's the best. Very simple and easy to use, and I don't have to worry about extra security as it's all built in. You can add the extra security if you prefer, but I have never had the need. 

Number Two: A Smart Phone:


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How did we ever cope before the invention of the smart phone? I am a total iPhone girl as it has all the apps I need, and is so simple to use. There are so many awesome benefits of using a smart phone. 

I also have a wireless charger sitting on my desk that I highly recommend. One of the best benefits of this is that I used to check my phone a lot more often at night for notifications as it was sitting on my bedside table. Now that it's a few feet away I don't check nearly as much. 

I love using the timer app on my phone as it helps me when I am using the Pomodoro technique.  I used to just put my phone on Do Not Disturb and turn the screen away from me, but I have recently discovered that switching my phone to airplane mode turns off all notifications and distractions. Still figuring out which method I prefer, but I'll work it out. 

Number Three: A Physical Planner:

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Much as I adore technology, I prefer a physical planner and writing down my to-do list on a daily basis. It is so satisfying to put a big red check mark on a task after it's done. 

It's also great to jot down personal notes, like appointments I have, meal prep ideas, etc.

Number Four: Stickies:

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I hate when I think of something awesome, like a new pattern design, or a piece of content I want to create, and I don't have anything to write it down on. I sometimes say that I'll remember it, but I usually don't. This is where stickies come in very handy. 

I have quite a few, in every colour and shape, but I love using them when I am working on a pattern and I think of something I want to add/take out. 

Number Five: Air Pods:

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Or the equivalent earbuds for your particular phone. Since I work from my house there are plenty of distractions that keep me from creating a calming environment, and that's what I need to get work done. I often listen to a playlist on Spotify or Amazon Music, or I'll listen to relaxing music on Headspace depending on what I'm up to. They are also fantastic for when I need to chill out or take my doggie for a walk. Podcasts and Audible are also my go-to apps. 

Number Six: Multi Coloured Pens:

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Total silliness, but it puts a smile on my face. It's especially handy when I'm working on a new pattern that I am grading. I use a different coloured pen for each size I am grading. Of course one of my pen colours has to be red (see number three above) and then I make sure to have at least six other colours available. 

Number Seven: A Big and Bold Calendar:

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Even though I use a planner for my daily to-do's I also use a calendar that hangs on my wall in front of my desk. I use it for my pattern schedule. I could easily add it to my planner, but I find it helpful to have the schedule all worked out on my calendar, and then it's sitting in front of my so I can keep on track. Especially for something like pattern testing and releases, which have deadlines and listing dates. For me it's easier to work on and promote on my social media if it is all sitting in front of me. That way I can simply glance up and see exactly where I am on any given day with whatever pattern I am working on. 

Number Eight: A Mindful & Inspiring Wall Display:


Running my own business is awesome, but it can also be very challenging, in good and bad ways. My desk is facing one of my walls, and I have the wall littered with designs and posters that make me smile, and keep my mind focused. For example. I have my vision board sitting right in front of me. I love being able to glance up at it, and remind myself what I'm working towards. You don't have to have a vision board, although I recommend it. You could have a photo of a holiday you want to take, something you want to buy, or a big night out that you're planning. I also have quotes that are meaningful for me. I find it helpful to read them every so often and keep the words in mind, especially when I am in the midst of a busy day. 

Number Nine: My Phone Tripod:

I am very new to the world of using tripods. When I have used my phone to shoot a video or photo I have just held it with my hand. But I want to upgrade my photos and video in 2023, so this is really going to help me. The one I got it small, but mighty. It is the perfect beginner tripod. It safely holds my phone, which was one of my top priorities, but it is also easy to move the phone holder so I can shoot vertically, horizontally, and down in front of me, which will be fantastic when I start getting into filming crochet and knitting stitch tutorials. To make things even easier there is a wee remote for it as well. 

Number Ten: A Good Printer:

I don't use a printer a huge amount, but when I do I need it to be good quality, and reliable. The one I have is amazing. I have had it for a few years now, and it still works beautifully. 

So that's it, that's my list. There are ten of the most important things I need to run my business, and to put a bit of silliness and fun into things. What are your must haves?

Until next time....


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