Pattern Testers

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Are you a knit and/or crochet pattern tester? Or perhaps you are a knitter and/or crocheter who is interested in getting into pattern testing?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions I hope you will consider becoming a pattern tester for Kreations By Kirsten. 

I am working on new patterns all the time and will need a regular stream of testers. 

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If you are interested in being a tester for Kreations By Kirsten please bookmark this page, follow me on social media (I am on lots of different sites but I tend to post about my upcoming tests on Instagram) or join my testers group on Ravelry

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You can also apply to be added to my testers email list. Folks on my email list are curated and will hear about new tests before everyone else. If you are added you will only hear about the tests that you are interested in, ie, if you are a knitter and aren't interested in crochet patterns you will only be informed about knit pattern tests. 

Patterns Needing Knitters:

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None at the moment, but there will be some coming up shortly.

Patterns Needing Crocheters:

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My last tester call has just ended. I have others coming up shortly. If you want to be notified bookmark this page, follow me on social media or join my testers email list. Click this link to fill out the testers questionnaire.