My Story

Kreations By Kirsten came into being in 2012. That was the year I fell head over heels in love with knitting and crochet. I wanted to share that love with the world by selling my handmade items and my own designs in the shape of knit and crochet patterns.

Handmade is such a beautiful thing, and I think everyone in the world should have at least one piece of handmade in their wardrobe or closet.

I have written a blog post detailing how I started knitting and crocheting. If you would like to check it out click here

Get To Know Me Better:

  • I hate having my photo taken. The above photo was taken in March 2022, and I can't remember the last time my photo was taken, but we are talking years. I'm trying to get better and more comfortable with it. One of my big goals is to put my wee face on video 😱
  • I love coffee, probably a little too much.
  • I love sunshine. I also have pale skin, which is not a fan. Thank goodness for whoever invented sunblock.
  • I am a total stationery nerd - cute notebooks and silly pens are my favourites.
  • I always have more than one project on the go at any one time. Since I knit and crochet there's always a pull to start new projects before I finish my current one
  • I have one doggie named Daisy. She's a shy greyhound. If you follow me on Instagram she is on there quite often. She has been a member of the family since 2018.
  • I read every single day. I will read pretty much anything, except romance novels.
  • I love to travel. I have visited so many fantastic places so far, and can't wait to get back out into the world again soon.