I Craft, Therefore I Am

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I love crafting!

Over the past ten years crafting has become a massive part of my life. Not only is it my business, but it is one of my favourite ways to relax and practice mindfulness. 

In 2011 I needed a creative outlet and remembered how much I had enjoyed knitting in school, so decided to get started again. I got a beginners kit from eBay that consisted of six small balls of yarn, a short pair of knitting needles and a written explanation of how to knit. I have always been a more visual person so I went straight to YouTube and found some awesome videos on knitting for beginners. 

Photo From Pink Pom Pom Social

I started off the way most knitters do - knitting simple little squares.Then I graduated to my first big project - a scarf. I was so proud of my first scarf. It wasn't perfect, but it was a fantastic first project for a newbie knitter. 

I loved the entire process of knitting. I loved picking the pattern I wanted to make, deciding which yarn I was going to use, and then actually creating the item. From start to finish it was a pleasure, and such a mood lifter for me.

The only part of the process I didn't enjoy, and still don't, is stitching and weaving in the ends. I had to force myself to do it, usually by reminding myself that I would have a brand new scarf, hat, pair or gloves, blanket, etc to wear and enjoy. Now I have a way to make it fun for myself - I put something funny on television, preferably something I have watched before, and then start weaving and stitching. Having something silly to watch makes the whole process a lot more fun. 

From those first few projects the love grew. I started getting more adventurous with my knitting - ribbing, moss stitch, etc. 

A few months later, I had a bad accident, injuring my right wrist. I had to stop knitting entirely for a few months after my accident. When I was able to start knitting again I was allowed to knit for a few minutes a day. 

This time away from knitting made me realise how much I truly loved it, and made me wonder if I could make a business out of my love. While I continued to recuperate from my injury I did some research and discovered the handmade market online. I realised I could make a business out of knitting, specifically by selling handmade products online, and I started looking into that further. 

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Next on my agenda was to learn to crochet. This was the birth of a new love, and one that has continued and grown over the following years. 

Now, over ten years later, my business is growing and expanding each year. I have now started adding knit and crochet patterns and pattern kits to my collections as well as continuing to sell my handmade items. 

I am so excited to see where this journey takes me next. 



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