Free The Fingers Knit Gloves Pattern

Free The Fingers Knit Gloves Pattern

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Say hello to the Free The Fingers Knit Gloves Pattern, available for free here on my website. 

This is one of my favourite designs. I love creating designs that are simple to make, and yet are adorable and cute. 

Each glove is made flat, in one piece and then stitched along the side, remembering to leave a wee space for the thumb hole. This is a perfect first gloves pattern for knitting newbies, or for experienced knitters who are looking for something easy and quick to make. 

The pattern is in four different sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, so perfect for everyone. I recommend highlighting the size you are making so you don't get confuddled. 

You can make and sell the gloves you make using this pattern, but please link back to my pattern. See my Terms & Conditions page for full details. 

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* 1 x 100g (approx. 2.5 to 2.75 yds) of dk yarn, light worsted yarn. I used Patons Fab dk yarn

* 4mm knitting needles

* scissors

* darning needle to weave in the ends

* measuring tape

* stitch marker (optional)


Knit in stocking stitch on 4mm needles

18sts x 24 rows = 10cm/4in


k = knit

p = purl

k1, p1 = knit the first stitch, purl the next

Product Sizes & Measurements:

Small: Length 20cm/8in - Width Across Palm 10cm/4in

Medium: Length 20cm/8in - Width Across Palm 11.5cm/4.5in

Large: Length 20cm/8in - Width Across Palm 13cm/5in

Extra Large: Length 20cm/8in - Width Across Palm 15cm/6in


 Let's Start Knitting:

Cast on 32 (38, 44, 50)

Row 1: k1, p1 to the end of the row

Rows 2 to 14: repeat row 1

Row 15: k to the end of the row

Row 16: p to the end of the row

Rows 17 to 40: repeat rows 15 and 16

Row 41: k1, p1 to the end of the row

Rows 42 to 46: repeat row 41

Bind off

Knit another one to make a set

If you would like it to be longer simply add more knit and purl rows (between rows 15 and 41)

Stitching Together:

Fold the glove in half length ways. Make sure you are stitching on the wrong side so that the stitching doesn't show through. 

Place a stitch marker at the bottom of the glove to make sure it stays together while you are stitching. 

With darning needle in hand start stitching from the top of the glove. Stitch down approximately 5cm/2in and then put the glove over your hand to gauge where the thumb hole should be. If all seems well, secure the yarn and cut it off. If not, continue stitching until you reach the perfect spot and then secure the yarn and cut it off. 

Put the glove over your hand again and find the bottom of the thumb hole, making sure your thumb can comfortably pop through the space. Take the glove off and start stitching again from that spot to the bottom of the glove where you have left the stitch marker. Secure the yarn and cut it off. 

For the small glove I stopped stitching at 6cm/2.5in and restarted at 9am/3.5in from the top. 

Flip it inside out to the right side.

For the second glove make sure the thumb hole is in the same spot as the first glove by laying it against the first glove and measuring the two spots to stop and restart. 

And that's it. Congratulations, you did it. Your gloves are all done and ready to wear yourself, or they can be wrapped and given as a gift. 

I would love to see your finished kreations. Use the tag #freethefingersgloves and/or #kreationsbykirsten on Instagram so I can see all your pretty gloves. 



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