Plann Social Media Scheduler - My Favourite Things

Plann Social Media Scheduler - My Favourite Things

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One of the most challenging aspects of running a business, for me at least, is promoting it. One of the best ways to do this is on social media. There are so many businesses vying for attention that you have to be very creative and know your target market to make a success of it. 

It can be very overwhelming to keep up with all the different social media sites you want to post on. I recommend focusing on the ones that bring you the best traffic, but that can still be a challenge to keep up with. 

I focus on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as they are the ones I get my traffic from, and thankfully they are also the sites I prefer scrolling through. I am slowly getting into TikTok. I have an account there, but I'm not posting yet. 

For posting on Instagram and Facebook I use the social media scheduling site Plann

If you are new to the world of scheduling social media content, let me introduce you to Plann

Not only is Plann a fantastic scheduler, it also allows you to plan out your social media content. They just made things so much easier as they have released a beta of their new home page, which gives you most of the essentials on one page. As it's in beta right now they may change things around a wee bit more before the big release, but so far I'm loving this update. Now all the important things are on one page. It was easy to find things before, but there were more mouse clicks to get to what I wanted. Now, it's all there in front of me. 

So, why do I love Plann so much? Here are my favourite things about Plann

  • Auto Post - I am in the UK and a lot of my target market are based in the US and Canada so being able to auto post is huge for me. Much as I want to promote my business I don't want to be up to the wee hours to do it. The only downside is that it can't auto post to Instagram Stories. When I schedule posts for Stories I get a link on my phone that takes me to the story on Instagram and I post it from there. The upside is that I'm able to add website links, stickers, question boxes, etc, but it would definitely make life a lot simpler if I could do all that via Plann.

          NB: Please note that you must have an Instagram and/or Facebook                            business account to take advantage of the auto post facility.

  • Phone App - the ability to schedule something when I'm not in the vicinity of my laptop is quite the game changer. Being able to design and post something on the go is fantastic. Sometimes an awesome content idea pops into my head when I'm out running errands, sitting on the bus, etc. Now I can design and schedule it all from my phone. Plus, notice that Canva has an app as well. The perfect twosome. 

  • Canva - Plann and Canva work seamlessly together. I use Canva for designing content, resizing photos and designs, blogs photos and graphics, writing my patterns, etc, and having it work perfectly with Plann is awesome. I can design something on Canva via Plann, meaning I don't have to do all the steps to add something to Plann for scheduling. It's there waiting for me from the 'Add Media From' screen. 

  • Strategy - I like having prompts for posting to social media, and this helps me to do it. I am not always good at posting certain things on certain days, ie, Monday = inspirational posts, Tuesday is Funny Memes, etc, but I find the Strategy option on Plann to be very helpful, especially when I'm struggling for something new to post. They give you some ideas at first, but I prefer adding my own, like the ones above. 

  • Calendar - this calendar shows all of your posts, stories etc that you have scheduled for the current and upcoming weeks/months. To make things easier and much clearer it shows each content piece separately, ie, if you are posting the same piece of content to your Instagram and your Facebook they will be shown individually on the calendar. It's a great way to make sure you are posting to your chosen social media regularly. It also shows the time the content will post so you can be sure you aren't double posting at the same time. And, if that isn't enough, each day has a content idea for you to design and schedule. It might be a funny holiday that is happening that day, eg, Wednesday 31st August 2022 is Eat Outside Day, lol. It could also be an event that is very important to you, like a national or international day, or something you want to post about and share your personal story about. 

Have I piqued your interest? If you fancy trying Plann for yourself you can sign up for a 7 day free trial to see what you think. The trial will give you a good chance to play about with the site and see if it works for you. 

If you give Plann a go I would love to know what you think of it. 

Until next time.....



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